Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Chanel, Fall/Winter 2012/13, Paris Highlights

I like the way the fabric of the coat looks like its been sprinkled in star dust.
I love the sweater with the chunky amethyst necklace.
I love the acid wash on the jeans, and the detailing of the cuffs.
We know I'm not a Chanel girl, despite how much I liked this past Couture Collection. A few looks caught my eye, though. 

I want to see those pants!
Again, the jewelry is killer.
The scarf with the long dress is an interesting look. Not one I expected from Chanel.

Ok yes, this look is kind of hideous, but I almost like each piece individually.
Well, except for the top. But mostly,  I want that bejeweled belt!

Want the pants. Want the neck piece. And this fabric is way more interesting than the tradition
Chanel tweed.

This needs to be seen in HD. It's totally overwrought but close up, the details of the feathers
and lace are quite astonishing.

This is pretty bad-ass. Love the pants, love the blazer.

How adorable is that little boy?!?


  1. well, I am a chanel girl, but that third pic is repulsive. I have never seen such an awkward silhouette.

  2. I like how the top in the third pic sort of makes the shape of an "M". When cats have the M markings on their faces it means they've been blessed by the Virgin Mary. Maybe if you wear this top, you'll be blessed with eternal virginity!

  3. I am so not a chanel girl. Seriously this is an improvement over the hideous chanel tweed but really?
    It's like Ke$ha came in and designed for chanel. The eyebrows? The overabundance of glitter? It's either Ke$ha or Twilight.

    Though I do like the cut of the pants, and the jewelry is amazing.

    I don't even know when to begin inducing vomit for the third picture and the fifth picture is a nightmare. *shudder.

  4. LOL @ Ke$ha and Twilight. You can't get lower fashion than those. I still have to post the latest couture collection. I kind of liked it. I'm glad that Karl seems to be designing for women younger than 97, but he needs to stop with the over-layering. Those skirts over pants were such an ugly hipster phenomenon a few years ago. That needs to die. However, I'll let him design me killer accessories anyday!


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