Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Valentino Fall/Winter 2012-13, Paris

Valentino's collection is pretty, romantic and repetitive - the same round neckline, long sleeves and ankle-length dresses in black, red and white, with the odd embroidered print or lace detailing for good measure. Here's a selection of looks.

Leather jumpsuit with the signature horizontal band detailing

The traditional knee-length coat with florets down the front, this time in leather

Not quite sure who would wear this, those scalloped edges are very Christmasy.
Like a gingerbread lady.

A much more demure (yet leather!) version of that monstrosity of a Gaultier Couture dress
Fergie wore to the Grammys.

My first pick for funeral attire

This photo was included just because it's Ginta!

I like this. Because it's sparkly.

I love what Valentino does with lace. A jumpsuit is... different... I suppose...

One of the many versions of the long-sleeved, ankle-length, round necked black dress.

I like to think of this as Laura Ingalls, Merry Widow.

And then there's this...


  1. I don't really think I like any of this. The length is off, too short, and the shape is rather unappealing. The only piece I like is the leather jumpsuit.

    I think this is rather boring and dull to be honest.

  2. I like the leather jumpsuit too. I think Valentino is for the ladies who like men who drive Rolls Royces and Jaguars. They want their clothes to make a statement that is timeless. You look at a Valentino dress from any collection and you know it's Valentino because they never change that much, season after season. So I guess they're collectors items for rich ladies. I don't hate it, I just don't think I'll ever be their demographic, no matter how rich I marry.


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