Monday, March 5, 2012

Milan Fashion Week, Fall/Winter 2012-13 : My Wish List

Alberta Ferreti
A casual look from a gorgeous collection

Bottega Veneta
More sophisticated than I would probably wear, but such a classy, elegant collection

Dolce & Gabbana
Obviously, there is no where on earth this is appropriate for, but I couldn't resist.
If you want to see a completely unwearable collection, check this one out.

Emilio Pucci
I love this for the cummerbund waist and boxy shoulders

Emporio Armani
This collection was joyously playful, and mixed masculine with feminine.
It was a treat to watch

Gianfranco Ferre
The Haider Ackermann of Milan
Such interesting silhouettes, and the leather looks so supple

Gianfranco Ferre
Those boots. That coat.

Gianfranco Ferre

Giorgio Armani
Again, the mix of masculine and feminine are striking.
If I had that fur top, I'd never take it off.

Lots of cute silhouettes. I adore this little dress

Roberto Cavalli
That crocodile jacket! The dress is cool enough, but THAT JACKET!

Roberto Cavalli
Clearly I'm adoring the oversized sequin and crocodile pairing...

Salvatore Ferragamo
Some crisp, military lines. Love the satchel.

Salvatore Ferragamo
Not entirely sure. Something about this works for me. I think its the whole
wearing spun gold look. I love the length, the sandals. Would be hard to pull off though.

The entire collection was inspired by Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.
I normally hate Versace, but I quite like this look. The rest? Meh.


  1. I want that orange fur top. I will do whatever it takes to get my hands on that soft, supple, fur piece of heaven. Other than that there's not much I'd wear but I really like that Gianfranco Ferre coat and the Roberto Cavalli crocodile pants. Not one for huge sequins but that's just me.

    Oops I lied. I would totally wear that Salvatore Ferragamo military coat. Drool.

  2. Milan Fashion Week is full of over the top stuff. It was harder to find looks that I loved as much as I did the understated, modern looks from Paris. But I quite like the looks here. Lots of black, leather, sweaters. I like this season!

  3. Me too! It's all about dramatic, though sometimes understated, looks. I am so happy that Leather is in and I can't wait till the knockoffs hit the stores. Not nearly as great as the real thing but yeah . . .


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