Friday, February 24, 2012

Givenchy Haute Couture S/S 2012 Paris

Each crocodile scale was cut out individually, dried, numbered, then hand-sewn to a nude body stocking.
It took 350 hours to create this gown.

One of my favourite gowns of the season

I adore this

Another favourite of the season

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  1. Okay, the nose rings threw me for a bit. I like them and I think they fit well with the show, but they are such a strong statement by themselves that I feel they distract from the dresses initially.

    That black gown and the white one that you singled out are winners. Hands down fabulous. I really don't have words for them. They are gorgeous. I just want them.

    The black and brown numbers are amazing. Strong and sophisticated, a muted but unable to be ignored statement.

    I love the details and the fact that there is some of the previous couture lines in this one, but it is so distinctive as it's own. Some of the black and white combo pieces are a little weak but the majority of the show is stunning.

    Dark, powerful, and stunning.


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