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Gucci, Fall/Winter 2012-13

MILAN, February 22, 2012
By Nicole Phelps
Frida Giannini said she had nineteenth-century decadents on her mind when she was designing Fall. The mood, not unlike at her men's show last month, was dark—with rich tapestry jacquards, plush velvets, a hothouse floral printed on a ground of black, and a palette that revolved around plum, bottle green, espresso, and jet. Romantic was the word she used backstage, "but not cute-romantic; it has a confidence," she said. Nocturnal is another good word for the collection, which delivered more capital F fashion than we're used to here, while also feeling more personal than previous Giannini outings—pour us a glass of absinthe.

To begin with, the confidence came through in the emphasis on menswear, much of it oversized. Giannini opened with a military jacket paired with a slim, long velvet skirt, and there was a great-looking cropped leather peacoat with an away-from-the-body swagger. Capes figured prominently, too, complemented by full-leg pants with a real slouch that felt new for Gucci. They were stuffed into crocodile riding boots—Arthur Rimbaud never had it so good.

As for the romance, it had an edge that went beyond the Scarface soundtrack playing in the background. Blouses were provocatively sheer, with Pre-Raphaelite sleeves and artfully placed scrolls of silk or velvet on the bodice. Dresses, for the most part, cleaved the lines of the body, but when they didn't, as with the pair in vibrant leopard jacquard, they dipped to the midriff, with slits inching up the thigh. One dress, covered neckline-to-hem in oil-slick coq feathers, looked almost wicked.

The show crescendoed with a series of dramatic peekaboo gowns in jewel-embellished tulle that seemed to reveal more than they actually did. Siren gowns all, they were the literal crystallization of Giannini's dark glamour theme.
Here are my favorite looks. See the complete collection here
First Look - Kasia Struss
I adore the gloves!
Joan Smalls
Love the texture with the military buttons

Zuzanna Bijoch
Not my favorite colour, but I love the billowy silhouette and
boxy gathering at the waist.

Josephine Skriver
One of the many sheer blouses, provocative but wearable

Alana Zimmer
I'm crazy about this look. I love how the collar and the slouchy coat
allow for a hint of skin, and then the leather pants and boots? Strong statement.

Jacquelyn Jablonski
A whole lot of look here, but the pieces individually are stunning.

Carolina Thaler
I clearly have a preference for knee length dresses, but this look has it all:
velvet, billowy sleeves, sheer... what's not to love?

Othilia Simon
The Gucci Cape, and incredible boots!

Yulia Kharlapanova
Not many women would have the courage to pull this one off.
Who would you like to see in this?
Daria Strokous
This looks better in motion than in this photo. All those feathers fluttering...


  1. This show is gorgeous. I love the feel, the theme, the music, and the clothes. I'm not too keen on the jodhpurs but I think it works here on the runway. I REALLY like the sheer pants, thought that was a cool variation of the sheer trend, and the over sized trench/military coats. Just loved those. I'm not a fan of velvet but on some pieces it really worked and others were cool but not as stunning as I would have liked.I got a little tired of the embellished sheer gowns at the end, felt a little like what Marchesa has done in the past but stepped up. I loved the first look, stunning, and the cropped peacoat, the boot, the juxtaposition of baggy/flowy and fitted. I totally got the pre-Raphaelite/19th century inspiration.

    I love, love, love the Gucci Cape but I felt like it was almost unecceary here. The model didn't pull it off as well as Karlie Kloss did last show. But Still Love it!

    As for the daring Velvet green dress, I would put Rihanna in it, or Kate Blanchet, or Charlize Theron. I think all those women could pull it off. Though Kate Blanchet might be a little to elegant for it? Not sure.

    But this show was fabulous and I will be thinking about it for a while.

  2. this comment made my night last night. I'm so glad there's someone in the family that loves the things I love.

    I was pretty sure you'd feel that way about the Gucci cape. Karlie rocked it so hard last year. But I still love it too.

    Cate Blanchett you think? Hmmm... I'd like to see that. She wasn't the first person I thought of. I wouldn't mind seeing it on Florence. Can you imagine, with that hair? I doubt it though.

  3. On Florence it would be stunning but I'm not sure if she would. But yeah.


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