Friday, February 24, 2012

Giambattista Valli Haute Couture S/S 2012 Paris

I adore this

I predict we'll see this look in a lot of editorial. Look how it catches the light!

Red Carpet Ready

I predict we'll see this at the Oscars

Minus the hat and maybe the necklace, I could see this on the red carpet

If Helena Bonham Carter wears this... This could go so wrong.

With different styling, I see Nicole Kidman in this




  1. There really isn't any look I like enough here, as they are, to comment on. There are a few looks I like parts of, and a few I think are gorgeous, but the styling is horrible.

    First off: burn the atrocious, hideous, golden flower necklaces and bows, flowered puff hats.

    The show is really boring, minus that darling little dress you liked, for about the first half. It picks up after but I was bored for the majority of it. If the show started at the glitzy, black scaled dress (minus the bow) I would have been more pleased.

    I like the bondage-esque black gowns and the powerful coloured pieces. I like the romantic white gowns, and some of the polka dot looks are interesting and cool.

    I'm underwhelmed by this show. Maybe it will warm on me?

  2. I actually quite like this collection. Very traditional couture. It was cool recognizing one of these dresses at the Oscars.

    I feel like Valli is picking up where Valentino left off when he retired. Valli's more Valentino than the current label is these days.


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