Friday, September 30, 2011

Versace Spring 2012 Milan - Highlights

Pastel mini-dresses covered in gold studs - check
Lucite stripper heels - check
Starfish and Seahorses - check
What else could you expect from the Versace Spring 2012 collection, though, really?

Poor Daphne always gets the most hideous looks. But at least they let her have
eyebrows again!

Donnatella liked this look so much she sent it down the runway twice, then
she wore it to take her final bow.

I'm staying as far away from Woodbridge if this is what the kids will be wearing!

Only posting because it's my Ginta, and it's the least hideous dress so far.

Oh Arizona, the long weave isn't fooling me.
I can see January Jones pulling off this look.

See the whole collection and tell me what you think!

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