Friday, September 30, 2011

Roberto Cavalli S/S 2012 Milan - Highlights

 For better or worse, here are some highlights from the Roberto Cavalli Spring 2012 collection.

The 1920s was referenced a lot this season. This is the cutest of Cavalli's
little gold dresses

This dress mixes a few of his themes - lace, vertical stripes creating the illusion
of pleats, bandeau bras and bondage cuffs. That's a lot of look for such
a small dress!

It wouldn't be Cavalli without something that redefines the meaning of tacky
every season. But the tailoring of this visual homicide is incredible.

I liked the wide V theme of the neckline, with the dropped neckline below.
The cut-out lace triangles reference the feathers of the 20s in a similar
optical trick as the vertical stripes as pleats. I also like how the muted
textile gives an illusion of nudity.

One of the more tame looks. But those pants! That's not a want, that's a need.
I need those pants. I like the hint of animal print that was splashed so liberally
on other looks. Each piece looks very muted in comparison to Cavalli's
other pieces, but if you look at the details, there's nothing simple or tame.

I don't like Arizona, I don't like this dress. This is an example of all the interesting
motifs piled on one dress.

This, however, will probably be my favorite dress of the entire season, just like
the Valentino Couture lace dress was my favorite last spring. Halle Berry
or Rihanna would totally rock this look.

The most romantic of the looks. And yet still very bold. the sheer, flowing
white with the heavily overlaid black would look jarring in any other show,
but at Cavalli, it has a soothing effect.
Take a look at the full  Roberto Cavalli collection and let me know what you think!

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