Monday, July 2, 2012

Raf Simon's first Haute Couture Collection for Dior

I could hardly wait for Couture Fashion Week.  I was eagerly looking forward to seeing what Raf Simons would turn out. For years, the Christian Dior Haute Couture shows have brought the most drama and excitement; it's hard to top Galliano's show-stopping confections. Then, of course, there was the confusion of Gaytten's collections. What would Raf bring to the table?

The Fall 2012 HC collection really seems like a return to the Dior aesthetic. One dress in particular, a red mid length belted dress with large pockets on the hip, really seemed to harken back to Dior's New Look. The new Dior has completely exorcised Galliano from it's system. I'll miss him, but I accept this return to Dior's traditional spirit. Gone are the theatrical shapes of recent past; the focus now is on rounded hips, cinched waists and layered bodices that are meant to resemble petals. It's those bodices that I don't like. They made me think of crumb catchers, and their side profile was a bit too close to Madonna's cone-shaped bras. The videos below barely capture the details and texture of the fabrics. I believe this collection really needs to be seen up-close in order for its true beauty to be appreciated.

Metal belts - Love.

Mirte Maas
Tapestry-like fabric and Crumb-Catcher Boobs - Do Not Want

Sui He
Ballgown on top, Business on the Bottom - I'll take them as separates, thanks...

Sigrid Agren
Structured Hips With Pockets

Katia Selinger
Dior's Post-War New Look Revisted

Daiane Conterato
The feathered skirt needs to be seen up-close to be fully appreciated

Hanne Gaby Odiele
Again, the fur details are gorgeous, but this needs to be seen up-close

Vanessa Accente
Love the shoes! The fur is luscious, but how would this look on a woman who's not size 0?

Zuzanna Bijoch
I love this gown. I want to touch it!

Nicole Pollard
Not a fan of the colour, but it's dramatic! Also, couldn't they have removed the nipple ring for this show?

Mackenzie Drazan
Not my favourite red ballgown.

Tilda Lindstam

Lara Mullen
Interesting print.

What fabric is this?


My favourite look. Such drama!
Elie Saab in the front, something gorgeous and red in the back!

Another two-for-one gown.

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