Wednesday, March 7, 2012

And The Winner Is... Elie Saab, Fall/Winter 2012-13, Paris

I always know that I'm going to like what I see on the Elie Saab runway. I imagine that I'm getting married and my bridesmaids get to pick whichever dress they like best. It's an old fantasy, but one that I'm not ready to give up. This collection surprised me though! Yes, there were gorgeous, red carpet-ready looks towards the end in Saab's traditional beading and lace. But the first half of the show featured things we haven't seen from him before. Knee-length, business formal dresses, pant-suits, coats... And each of them displaying how well Saab understands the female form. Always safe, each and every look was something I would want to wear. I had a hard time choosing which looks to post.

Let's acknowledge the hideous clip on bangs now, so we can appreciate the clothes. 
A tweed suit? I'll take this over Chanel.

A fur coat? I love the cropped front and long back.

A floor-length cape? I prefer Gucci, but still gorgeous.

A pantsuit, but with the traditional Saab plunging V? I love it.

A print? And not a floral? I'm on board.

A slinky cut-away dress? Much classier than Versace. I'll take two.

A jumpsuit? With cut-aways? I had to double check I was watching the Elie Saab show!

More gothic than his usual fare, but the same slinky, Old Hollywood silhouette.

This dress has been done and redone. See Valentino for reference. But that won't stop
me from coveting this!

Green and red are the colours of the season. This dress is begging for a red carpet.

The vertical lines add a new motif to Saab's repertoire. Very mermaid-like. My 5 year old self approves.

Perhaps this doesn't work. The silhouette is very sophisticated, but there might just be too much
going on in the texture.

The plunging V of Saab mixed with the architectural lines of Versace. I love it.

Couldn't not post the most traditional of his gowns, and I couldn't not include Karlie!


  1. Just going to say I adore Karlie. There got that off my chest.

    I love the gowns with the architectural lines. I love the Gothic twist and cutouts. I love the colours. I don't particularly love the cape, the arm slits don't do it for me, however I would wear anything that is floor length and resembles a cape. I love the print, looks like butterfly wings to me. I like the shapes.

    I just love this. It's not over the top or breathtaking but it's beautiful and respectable and I love it.

  2. Oh and can we just attend to the green red carpet ready gown and it's extremely high slit. I foresee some panty flashin in the future. Good thing the model was wear nude coloured panties.

  3. That green red carpet dress needs to be Angelina's next gown. I would kill to see her in something other than black!


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