Thursday, February 23, 2012

Neo Couture by Karl Lagerfeld, Numero #131

Numéro #131 March 2012
neo couture
karl lagerfeld
karlie kloss, saskia de brauw, aymeline valade, lindsey wixson and daria strokous
 rebecca bleynie and vanessa metz
peter philips
 david mallett


  1. At first I was like "Has Karlie Kloss changed so much that I don't recognize her?" but then after a few pictures I was like "Nope. That's Karlie." LOVE!

    My fave shot is Karlie in the white gown. ADORE!

    But I love this whole shoot! The abstract patterns, the lighting, the makeup! SIGH.

    *seems to be the night of capitalized one word feelings*

  2. This editorial made me go seek out the couture runway collections. I totally missed it, it was a month ago. This is the first editorial I've seen of the latest collections and I LOVE it. I'll try to post the individual collections this weekend, even though I should be posting Fall/Winter.

    The Maxime Samoens pantsuit is ridiculous. The Gaultier white dress photographs amazingly, I wasn't sure about it on the runway. The Atelier Versace dresses (with Lindsey Wixson) look fantastic, even though I can only imagine the Kardashian sisters trying to wear something like that.


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