Friday, July 29, 2011

"The New Black" by Julian Schratter

David Agbodji
By Photographer Julian Schratter
Contributing Editor, March 2010
Models : Salieu Jalloh, Oraine Barrett, Nate Gill, Ibrahim Baaith, Andre Douglas, David Agbodji, Mike VanMeurs

Andre Douglas

Ibrahim Baaith

Mike VanMeurs

Nate Gill

Oriane Barrett

Salieu Jalloh


  1. He's the man from Rihanna's Man Down video. Look at what he wrote, and compare it to the roles he has (her video, and that scandalous editorial with Daria).

    However, he was also featured in a Ralph Lauren ad, and that made me happy.

  2. Sad. Because he seems so nice here. But I hated him in man down. Oh well. That's what acting is.


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