Friday, July 29, 2011

Mrs. Dandy by Koto Bolofo

"Mrs. Dandy" by Photographer Koto Bolofo
Vogue Germany, August 2008
Models : Lars Burmeister, Mia AminataNiara, Romina Lanaro, Conrad Matschke
Koto Bolofo is a fashion photographer, born in South Africa, fled with his family to Britain as political refugees. Bolofo and his father returned to South Africa, and documented their experiences in his short film The Land is White, the Seed is Black. As a black man raised in an African country run by Europeans, then living as a refugee in Europe, Bolofo brings a unique voice to the world of fashion. When you look at this editorial, does it say anything different to you, when compared with the editorials posted on Tuesday? If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.


  1. It does feel different. There is a more calm feel to it. The sexuality is not over the top and both skin tones are just skin tones. Just another way to accentuate the clothes.

  2. I see it a bit differently. I don't like the shot of the two women dancing. Mia's posture and face looks submissive and a bit frightened, and they're completely on display for the white men's enjoyment. But I think that's a statement right there. Another photo of Mia, there are hands all over her from different people, and she's smiling. She's the person in this editorial that I would like to understand. I want to know what she's feeling and thinking.

    But it's VERY different from the sexualized Gucci ads with Joan Smalls. I'm going to keep my eye on Koto Bolofo. He seems like he might have something there.


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