Saturday, May 7, 2011

Yes, Another Trendspotting - I'm Feeling Blue

Despite it being beautiful outside, I was feeling a little down in the dumps today.  So for today's blog, let's talk about being blue.  I'm always happy when I see vivid colors on the runway.  There have been so many romantic dresses in muted colors - beige, ivory, a dusty rose if we're lucky.  Alexander McQueen, whose runway shows were always guaranteed to be stunning and provocative, was silenced to whispers in wispy white, punctuated with harsh punches of black.  I was dying to see some color, and the half-hearted lilac dress that shuffled out was nowhere near enough.  So let's focus on the collections that brought some vibrancy.  Let's focus on all things blue....

Versace - The Mullet?
Roberto Cavalli - Monsoon?

Oscar de la Renta - The Mermaid?

Diane von Furstenberg - The Mumu?

Lanvin - The Mini?

Rochas - Hmmm... Metallic, so, Blue Steel?

Stella McCartney - so office-like, so... The Management?

Zac Posen - Majestic?

Zac Posen - Mamacita!

Stella McCartney - Mix & Match?

Thakoon - Most-Modern?

Valentino - Magnificent! Marvelous! Mine!

Marc Jacobs - Macrame?

Christian Dior - The Maiden?

Alberta Ferretti - Mesmerizing?

So humor me...  Which look is your favorite? (Pick Valentino.)


  1. I love the Roberto Cavalli piece, the Dior one and the Lanvin. In that order. I like the Valentino one but not a fan of the top. Too . . . summerish to match the bottom

  2. I looove the Cavalli collection. There's no red carpet looks in it, but its so different from anything else out there. And its styled in a way that I could never have thrown together, and that inspires me.

    I think you'd be a fan of Lanvin in general. They make great dresses that are usually more current than the more traditional fashion houses (but they get accused of ripping other designers off a lot).

    Dior under Galliano always appeals to my sense of drama and femininity. Some people say that he lost his innovation toward the end, but I never felt bored. Similar to McQueen in the sheer lunacy of some of his works, delightfully unwearable in real life, and overwrought with details. To me, that's what a runway show is all about. An art that could never be replicated on the streets. Leave the more sellable items for editorials.

    And I will not acknowledge any Valentino slander. All I will accept is that the dress is perfect, heavenly, sheer beauty, and that someone will buy it for me for my birthday. Anything else is just bla bla bla... It makes no sense to me.

  3. Alright then. Valentino is sheer beauty, too beautiful for my mind to understand the complex details and though process behind it. And I love Lanvin, especially the H&M collection.

    And I agree about the fashion show drama. There has to been a bigger than life feel to it, something we can't obtain in our everyday wardrobe.

  4. I STILL haven't seen the Lanvin for H&M collection! Can you believe that? Since I'm so poor, I limit my fashion exposure to online adoration, so I missed out on that.

    I love your feedback, by the way. Let me know what looks you like best, and what features you want to see.

  5. I don't understand. It was gorgeous! And I was inspired by it and did some designs. But that was ages ago.

    I understand. I went shopping and every time I went into a store (such as H&M) I had to leave because the beautiful clothes were killing me. So close. I could touch them. Thus I had to leave. Sigh. And there were deals too. So I limit my adoration to online where it is a flat screen and the empty apartment can hear my gasps of wonder.

    I would love to see a couture show. That would be amazing. Or a Designer who failed, but more epically than Zac Posen.

  6. LOL I thought Zac Posen was a fail of most epic proportions! You are kinder than me.

    I could get away with doing spring/summer 2011 since that's what's in the stores right now. And summer looks are usually prettier. And I'm building my collection of couture looks. I have Dior's last couture show saved on my iPhone, so I could easily do that one.

    And how you described going to H&M is how I feel at The Room. so thrilled to see the clothes, so sad knowing they will never be mine.


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