Thursday, May 5, 2011

Trendspotting - Floor Grazing Coats

Christian Dior
Haider Ackermann

Zac Posen



  1. I want these coats. The white Haider Ackermann one and the Chanel are my favorites. But the Christian Dior one is marvelous. The Posen one is a little Gaga (marvelous!) but I do believe it would be awkward to wear. It's a little on the shapeless side.

  2. I'm not sure if I would wear a coat that touches the ground. They are gorgeous and dramatic, but the practical part of me (it exists! Who knew???) worries about puddles.

    I want to see the Chanel collection in person. I find the photos, with the background, make it quite difficult to take in the details and texture. It's a dramatic look though! I think the Dior coat is the most "me". I could totally see you in the Chanel coat though. Do you think I should feature menswear on this blog? Hmmm... maybe I will...

  3. Blah puddles, that's what washing machines are for!

    Same. A trip someday?

    And yes to menswear. I would love to see that!

    Btw way I want the Chanel Coat. It's worth the stares and eyerolling just to sweep down the hall in sheer couture gorg!

  4. Yes, let's go to the Chanel store on Bloor. I've never been in it, since I've never been a Chanel girl. The only Chanel I own is lipstick and perfume.

    I'll try to check out menswear. I have an app that brings fashion shows direct to my iPhone, and I know they have a lot of menwear shows. I just haven't watched one yet.

    LOL! I could see you in it. I'm just worried that on a guy, the uninformed might think you're Harry Potter!

  5. And after the Chanel Store, lets go to Holt Renfue( or whatever it is) and look at Marchesa and Gucci. Just for kicks.

    That will be so cool. And interesting to see male models walk the runway.

    You mean Ludwig? Ack. He might think I'm demonic or something and try to exorcise me! Or just ignore me. That too.


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