Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's Vintage Day! And so I bring you Vintage LOLcat!

I really hope that no cats were traumatized in the making of this editorial, but I laughed so hard.  And showed my cat and said "Cohen, why can't you be funny like this cat?"  And my roommate offered to be the photographer when Cohen and I recreate these shots.  Awesome.

Cover of Vogue UK, March 1967
Editorial Inside : "Twiggy and the Cat"
Model : Twiggy
Photographer : Helmut Newton

full size images, scroll right for vintage LOLcat.

and just for fun, here are a few more shots of Twiggy.  Sans cat.


  1. Awesome. This editorial is just perfect for you!

  2. I laughed over this one for 2 days. I love the Batman logo showing on the television. Too much awesome for me to function!

  3. I need to see a remake. Stat.

  4. LOL. The roommate is gone til tomorrow night, but we'll get right on it!


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